Do you need money urgently?

Never has the world of fast loans experienced a revolution as unique as that of Astro Finance. Gone are the long and endless queues in the banks, the bureaucratic paperwork and the obstacles for a financial institution to lend you money. Now, with our almost automatic system, your money can be in your account in Read More

What you need to apply for online loans without problems

If you have seen in the television commercials that online loans are offered but you do not know their advantages and what requirements you need to request one of them, in this article we solve the main doubts. They are not loans that require endorsement It is about personal loans, so you do not need Read More

Understand: What is a personal loan installment?

What is a personal loan installment? There are all kinds of personal loan installment to be hired, from: mortgages, home financing, auto loans, credit cards, credit limit, overdraft, student loan, peer to peer lending, crowdfunding, pre-dated check… But they all fall mainly into two factors in common: they are installment loans; are lines of credit Read More

Personal Loan: How to Access Credit

How to Access Credit? Access to credit is made easier every day, which is good for many people who are looking for an extra resource to get some good, take a trip, renovate the house or pay off some debt. On the other hand, using credit without awareness and planning can lead many people to Read More

Pay Traffic Fines with Fast Loans Without Paper

  They are annoying, unexpected and expensive: everyone, at some time, we have suffered the payment of a traffic ticket. Exceeding speed, a red light that we did not see, a double row … reasons why we can have an economic sanction. And, in these cases, how do we pay a fine? The answer is Read More

How to Get Out of Loans? Tips for Indebted People

When we manage to get a loan, the next and the next frequently appear, followed by the question how to pay it all back. It is easy to borrow, but worse, with the repayment of debts, especially when you have more. Usually, we wonder how to get out of it and be clean with all financial commitments. It’s Read More

New rules concerning BKR registrations start from this year

  Since the end of 2016, at the beginning of 2017, new rules apply to BKR registrations. In this article we list what exactly this means! New rules concerning BKR registrations The Credit Registration Office (BKR) is responsible for registering credits in the Netherlands. Payment arrears are also reported by lenders to this authority. This Read More