Do you need money urgently?

Never has the world of fast loans experienced a revolution as unique as that of Astro Finance. Gone are the long and endless queues in the banks, the bureaucratic paperwork and the obstacles for a financial institution to lend you money. Now, with our almost automatic system, your money can be in your account in less than… 15 minutes!

Covering an unforeseen event with quick credits was never so easy

Covering an unforeseen event with quick credits was never so easy

Did you receive an unexpected receipt? A traffic ticket? Did you miss your child’s birthday and are you in a hurry? Have you seen a bid for a trip and do not want to be taken out of your hands? Do not think about it anymore… and do not move from the seat from which you are reading this.

You just have to have your ID at hand, your bank card, a mobile where we can register on our page and ask how much money you need and how long you plan to return it. That easy. Without unnecessary displacements, without paperwork, payroll to show what you earn, endorsements or wait.

This quick credit will become a reality if you formalize it from here, comfortably from your chair and making an estimate about when you plan to return it. You will receive an SMS message on your mobile with the activation code and, as soon as you do, your quick credit will be deposited into your checking account in less than a quarter of an hour. Can it be easier than this?

This type of quick credit from Astro Finance is at the service of those who ask for it, and not vice versa. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have any questions and you want us to solve it, do not worry: you can write us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

With the quick credits of Astro Finance you will never walk alone. You decide the commission that we will charge you according to the conditions of return that you set yourself: you can ask for 200 to 800 euros and return them from one to six weeks.

At Astro Finance we make it really easy for you: the processing of the application, the conditions of the quick credit and the almost instantaneous disposition of the capital. Absolutely everything at a click click. Can you believe it?

Now you can allow yourself that whim you had in mind every time you walked past that computer store, or take advantage of the bargain you’ve seen this morning at your favorite travel agency and enjoy that magnificent trip to Cancun with a companion… for just 400 euros!

So, do not hesitate, you can already pack with your relative and ask for a few days of vacation because Astro Finance’s fast online credits make all your dreams come true… with a click!